Now comes the routine of administering the details for the life of the lease or loan transaction. Not exactly the most exciting part of the lifecycle, but critical for fulfilling your obligations under any contract.

Here’s how we can help you be operationally successful and efficient with this stage. Our team will interact with your customers as if we’re actually your employees, making your company look like the experts.

Private label customer experience – During the administration of the lease/loan, if your customer calls us, as far as they know, we’re members of your corporate team. Your brand stays in front of them. This experience follows every customer interaction of our process.

Contract setup – We’ll set up all transactions with your customers so all of the funding, billing, collecting, and taxing occur appropriately.

Insurance tracking and management – ELS ensures there’s appropriate insurance covering the product in a transaction, for liability, loss, and damage.

Contract modification processing – If the contract terms on a lease/loan need to be modified, ELS will handle any necessary changes and processing of those changes.

Electronic and paper invoicing options – We offer both methods of invoicing to your customers, to accommodate their preference.

Cash management, payment posting – When your customer’s payments arrive, we’ll manage where the payments need to go, and post to A/R.

ACH and pay agent solutions – Whether your customers pay by ACH or through a pay agent, ELS will manage the logistics of taking those payments. One less thing for you to worry about!

Accounts receivable and delinquency management – We become your collections team so you don’t have to. And as far as your customers know, we are your team members.

Sales and use tax processing – ELS does the calculation, billing, reporting and payment of sales and use taxes. We’ll also handle the state registration for sales tax as needed.

Personal property tax processing – We’ll do the calculation, billing, reporting, and payment of these personal property taxes for you.

Canadian PST/GST/HST processing – We handle the calculation, billing, reporting, and payment of Canadian taxes on your behalf.

Portfolio analytics – ELS will provide you with custom reporting on your portfolio information, including transactions summary and details. This also includes analytics for how timely your customers are paying their invoices.

General ledger management – We’ll provide you with G/L reporting that can mirror your own existing G/L structure.

Treasury management services – ELS manages all of the monetary receipts and disbursements for you: funding proceeds, supplier payments, tax disbursements and assigned-payment or split-payment processing.

Financial, managerial, and investor reporting – We’ll provide you with complete financial reporting so you can generate your company’s financial statements.