As a product vendor, we’re thinking you entered leasing (or would like to) because it gives you the opportunity to reach more customers and sell more product. It also gives you broader account control, since you can provide value over a greater spectrum of the customer’s buying cycle.

But then you discovered the issues you’d have to confront. How do you build the infrastructure to handle the regulatory and compliance requirements of the leasing industry? Does anyone internally already know the details, or would you have to hire externally to staff up?

And how does leasing complement, instead of compete with, your existing sales cycle? How do you bring your salespeople into the fold and not interfere with the way they’re selling product now?

If your company is publicly held, perhaps you’re wondering, how do we protect revenue recognition and keep our shareholders happy?

Learn how the team at ELS can offload the operational and regulatory details of leasing from you, and allow you and your sales teams to focus on what they do best – getting your products into customers’ hands and beating your competition.
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