As an Independent Lessor, you first entered the business of leasing and financing probably because of your entrepreneurial spirit, and your desire to build something and create value. You also enjoy growing your relationships with your clients, creating value for them and their businesses.

But along the way, as you started to grow, perhaps some challenges and pain points arose. Maybe there were things that started to distract you from the original motivation for getting into the business. How do you build the infrastructure to handle the regulatory and compliance requirements of the leasing industry? Not to mention trying to keep up with the latest systems technology to give your clients the best service.

Most Independents typically don’t have the budget to afford a full-time operations executive. Overseeing ops takes more of your time now, perhaps taking you away from what you like doing most – building your relationships with your clients and creating value for them.

Learn how the team at ELS can offload the back-office operational details from you, and let you get back to focusing on what you enjoy most, and what you do best. Learn More >