With over twenty-five years serving the equipment leasing and financing industry, our experienced team knows the right questions to ask in order to create the perfect solution for you. We understand the challenges lessors and originators face because we’ve been there. The knowledge comes from not only serving our clients, but from serving our clients’ customers on their behalf as well.

Program analysis – For each new client, ELS conducts an in-depth needs analysis. We’ll consider what you’re doing now, and what you’d like to accomplish. This helps us craft the right program for your needs.

Strategic planning and goal setting – A discussion with us to help you align your leasing/loan operations with your strategic goals.

Contract negotiation support – As our client, you have the option of having us interact directly with your customer to negotiate the contract. We would represent ourselves as members of your Legal department, so your customer will assume they are negotiating with your firm. One of our partners is a lawyer who is available for when attorney-to-attorney dialogue is needed.

Custom documentation creation – If the program on which we’re working with you needs custom documents, ELS will customize those for you.

“True sale” opinion – For vendor firms that are publicly traded, where the protection of revenue recognition is a potential issue, ELS can provide legal opinions on this matter to help you make key decisions to keep your shareholders happy.

Calculate complex pricing models – For lessors that don’t have an in-house pricing department or point person, you’ll get the benefit of ELS’s experience calculating your desired pricing options.

OPEX/CAPEX analysis – On the issue of operating lease vs. capital lease, ELS can do testing according to FASB 13 guidelines and advise you.

Leveraged deal structures – For fair market value (FMV) leases we’ll structure the leveraged deal accordingly and coordinate the different parties involved.

Sales support and mentoring – Our industry sales experts are available to mentor and advise your sales team. This is carried out onsite, by phone, and through email.

Industry educational courses – We have created sales training and operational training seminars, customized for each client. Let us create one for you!