Not only are there a myriad of details that need to be in place in order to originate a lease or a loan, but origination only comes about after you’ve successfully made the sale that results in your customer deciding to lease or borrow through you.

How do you get to a successful origination? We can help you with the following operational areas, while interacting with your customers as if we are members of your team. We’ll make your company look like experts at lease/loan origination:

Sales proposal generation – When you become an ELS client, we’ll be educating your sales team on the various tools they can use to create effective and profitable sales proposals. They’ll become familiar with ELS proprietary tools, along with the best ways to use Excel and financial calculators to achieve great results.

Robust rate card and pricing engine – At a regular frequency we update our rate card with the latest interest rates from all the lenders in your program. Your sales team will be able to work with up-to-date rates, thereby maximizing profit potential on proposals they create.

Multi-party sales negotiation – ELS will manage the negotiation involving the multiple parties involved with a deal, such as supplier, customer, legal, finance, and you as the originator.

Email marketing campaigns – If email marketing is an appropriate component of your program, we’ll help you with your campaign messaging and outreach strategy.

Multi-lender management – We can help manage both debt and equity sides of a transaction. Less for you to worry about!

Lender rate card analytics – How do you know which lender work with? ELS analyzes the different alternatives from an interest rate and operational perspective.

Credit submission, scoring, and decisioning – When one of your sales team members submits a proposal to the ELS team, we’ll score its creditworthiness to determine if it’s a deal worth doing, based on preset analytics and scoring models.

Transaction funding – We’ll manage all the parties from a pay proceeds perspective, making sure that everyone who needs to get paid, gets paid.

Electronic vaulting or “paper out” process – ELS offers various methodologies for control of the chattel paper, to accommodate your program’s requirements.

Electronic delivery and eSignature – This technology simplifies the process of signing a contract and reduces the time it takes. Using paper might take several days. The electronic method could take literally minutes if the parties are available.

Documentation template library – ELS has a library of contract templates at the ready for just about any type of situation. All of the lenders we work with have signed off on the contracts in our library.

Customer legal negotiation support – We can interact directly with your customer to negotiate the contract. We would represent ourselves as members of your Legal department, so your customer will assume he’s negotiating with your firm. One of our partners is a lawyer who is available for when attorney-to-attorney dialogue is needed.

Contract preparation – ELS prepares documentation on behalf of our clients so you don’t have to. That’s what we’re here for!

UCC/PPSA filing, continuation, and termination – We provide the required evidence of your security interest in the transaction and manage this process on your behalf.

Product order fulfillment tracking – We always track order fulfillment to be sure the products get to your customer’s site for acceptance, completing a successful origination.